Herwannan Hauiskääntö is the strongest club for the SportUni (TAU, TAMK) members in Tampere. We specialise in olympic weightlifting and powerlifting but there are also regular gym goers among us. Some of our members are competing in national and even international stages, so we have a lot of knowledge of these sports and overall gym workout and lifestyle. We aim to provide our members with courses, events and competitions associated with these sports, and also provide a very warm and welcoming atmosphere to improve yourself in! You definetly don’t need to be a pro or experienced lifter to be part of our club. Most of our members train at the gym located in Tamppi Areena, Hervanta campus. Come and greet us at the equipment box in the gym.

By joining our club you get access to our equipment box located in Tamppi Areena’s new gym, which includes among other things:
– Chalk
– Resistance bands
– Lifting belts (ia. Wahlanders)
– Thermal gel
– Sport tape
– Uesaka weightlifting competition bar
– Ammonia
– HighRoller foamroller for muscle care
– Massage-equipment
– Teeter Hang Ups -Ez Ups shoes

In addition, all the weight- and powerlifting courses are cheaper for the club members. Also, our members get 10%-15% discount on all equipments at Sportheavy-store.

Steps to become a member of hauiskääntö
1) Pay the yearly membership fee
Payment instructions:
receiver:                               Herwannan Hauiskääntö
account number (IBAN):    FI25 5731 6520 0845 44
message:                              your name, membership fee, school
total:                                     10 euros
2) Send an email to hkaanto (at) lists.tuni.fi and tell that you have paid the membership fee. After this you will be added to club’s mailing list and admins can add you to the club’s forum. If you want to join to the forum, tell a forum username you want use in the email.